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2 - TitleTurkiye'de Erisebilirlik (Web Accessibility in Turkey)
AuthorsMehmet Dogan, University of New Brunswick
PC MemberNo
Contact personMehmet Dogan,, (506) 454-2776
Main Fields6. E-devlet, Kamu Aglari ve etkin devlet: Turkiye Deneyimleri
7. Yeni Internet teknolojileri ve Teknik konular
17. Ozgur yazilim, acik kaynak, edevlet ve e-turkiye
18. Internet'in sosyal boyutlari
19. Internet'in yasal boyutlari
20. Internet, demokratiklesme, toplumsal denetim ve siyaset
Other Main Fields
Abstract + KeywordsWeb Accessibility in Turkey

This presentation will be a general and very practical introduction to the obstacles faced by people with a broad range of disabilities when surfing the web in Turkey. It will look at the technologies and approaches they use with practical demonstrations of software and hardware. This presentation also will illustrate the use of UNB's Luci, an open-source program developed at the University of New Brunswick to make Web pages more accessible to visitors with visual and perceptual challenges. Inspired by Betsie, BBC's Education Text to Speech Internet Enhancer, UNB's Luci has been written to accommodate SSL and has improved handling of frames, cookies, and 401 authorizations. The user can adjust font, colour scheme, font size, and line height. More than text-only conversion, UNB's Luci should increase the accessibility rating of your HTML pages. Luci is an open-source Unix based program.

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