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46 - TitleELearning for heterogeneous Groups
AuthorsAlptekin Erkollar, Head of Department Department of Business Informatics, Business Organisation, Education and Training, University of Applied Sciences, ETCOP, AUSTRIA
PC MemberNo
Contact personAlptekin Erkollar,, 436643135875
Main Fields1. E-turkiye, e-devlet, e-donusum, eavrupa ve bilgi toplumu
7. Yeni Internet teknolojileri ve Teknik konular
8. Dunyada ve bizde Internet altyapisi
9. Turkiye'de Internet'in yapilanmasi
13. E- ticaret, E-is, M-ticaret ve Yeni Ekonomi
16. E-egitim, okullarin internete taşınması
18. Internet'in sosyal boyutlari
21. Araştırma/innnovasyon ağları, 6. Çerceve ve teknoparklar
22. E-kültür ve sayısal bölünme
Other Main Fields
Abstract + KeywordsAbstract
Today’s learning systems have a fixed architecture, which make customizing of requirements most difficult. This restriction is today valid as well as for the CBT and LMS because the systems use fixed products e.g. content for the learning and on line exams for the evaluation of students. This “lost” integration causes not qualified imparting of content. It is necessary to define guidelines for eLearning applications from identification of user level to adaptation of user requirements, depending on time and situation and automatically of content for the user requirements. Therefore many factors have to be compared and matched with user requirements. Additionally, web based systems require user specified information and security aspects too. The combination of all these factors is important for the improvement of user acceptance level and results of eLearning application.

ELearning, education, CBT, WBT, Content Management, On Line Testing
RemarksBildiri Ingilizce, Almanca veya Türkce sunulabilir.

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