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47 - TitleEGovernment – improvement of processes within governmental authorities and between government, business and citizen
AuthorsAlptekin Erkollar, Head of Department Department of Business Informatics, Business Organisation, Education and Training, University of Applied Sciences, ETCOP, AUSTRIA
Birgit Oberer, ETCOP Switzerland
PC MemberNo
Contact personAlptekin Erkollar,, 436643135875
Main Fields1. E-turkiye, e-devlet, e-donusum, eavrupa ve bilgi toplumu
6. E-devlet, Kamu Aglari ve etkin devlet: Turkiye Deneyimleri
7. Yeni Internet teknolojileri ve Teknik konular
8. Dunyada ve bizde Internet altyapisi
9. Turkiye'de Internet'in yapilanmasi
13. E- ticaret, E-is, M-ticaret ve Yeni Ekonomi
16. E-egitim, okullarin internete taşınması
18. Internet'in sosyal boyutlari
19. Internet'in yasal boyutlari
21. Araştırma/innnovasyon ağları, 6. Çerceve ve teknoparklar
22. E-kültür ve sayısal bölünme
Other Main Fields
Abstract + Keywords
EGovernment – improvement of processes within governmental authorities
and between government, business and citizen

duration: 2 hours

audience: max 20 persons

type of presentation: lecture and exercise

required equipment: notebook, beamer, flipchart

overview: EGovernment includes all governmental measures at all levels for qualitative improvements in citizen's different spheres of life, improvements for businesses and for optimization of business processes within the administration itself.
This tutorial gives an overview about how to improve processes within governmental authorities and how to improve processes between government, business and citizen.

Structure (lecture):
Overview about eGovernment in general
Introduction in ‘Business Process Management’
How to use modern information and communication technologies within eGovernment
Business processes within governmental authorities
Business processes triangle: government-business-citizen
Optimisation possibilities for eGovernment services

Structure (exercise):
Practical use of lecture knowledge
Exercise on ‘how to optimise business processes within governmental authorities’
Exercise on ‘how to optimise business processes between government and citizens/businesses’

Prof. Dr. Alptekin Erkollar

Head of Department
University of Applied Sciences ETCOP

·        Over 15 years experiences in the area of academic education (e.g. University of Central Florida UCF/USA, University of Klagenfurt/Austria, University of Applied Sciences Joanneum Graz/Austria, University of Applied Sciences WN/Austria, University of Applied Sciences Liechtenstein/Liechtenstein, University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg/Germany

·        CPO at the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS AG) in Switzerland

·        lectures, tutorials and workshops in Europe and in the USA

·        several books in the area of eCommerce, eGovernment, project management and software reference models

·        over 170 international publications (e.g. in den USA, Korea, Canada, England, Singapore, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Japan und Australia)

·        member of several boards, steering committees and responsibility in the area of IT and education

·        memberships:
o        Information Resources Management Association (IRMA)
o        Society of Informatics
o        International Federation of Operation Research Societies (IFORS)
o        International Association of Science and Technology for Development. (IASTED)
o        The Society for Computer Simulation International (SCS)
o        International Association for Development of the Information Society (IADIS)

·        lectures and tutorials in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, USA
o        informatics for business administration
o        simulation for planning
o        simulation in operation research
o        enterprise architecture integration
o        eCommerce and eBusiness
o        Business Informatics
o        software engineering
o        database management
o        ERP systems
o        object oriented programming and modeling
o        process optimization and modeling
o        mobile computing

Mag. Birgit J. Oberer

Chief Process Manager at ETCOP Education-Training-Consulting- Organization and Process Management, Europe.

She has over 10 years of experience in the area of academic education (e.g. University of Applied Sciences Joanneum, University of Klagenfurt/Austria and University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, Austria).

She has authored several books in the area of eGovernment, eCommerce and
Production Management; contributed to American textbooks in the area of information
technology and economics; and published over 70 papers in international publications.

RemarksEgitim semineri (Tutorial). Ingilizce, Almanca veya Türkce sunulabilir.

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