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45 - TitleGuidelines for eGovernment Implementation
AuthorsAlptekin Erkollar, University of Applied Sciences, ETCOP Austria
Birgit Oberer, ETCOP Switzerland
PC MemberNo
Contact personAlptekin Erkollar,, 436643135875
Main Fields1. E-turkiye, e-devlet, e-donusum, eavrupa ve bilgi toplumu
6. E-devlet, Kamu Aglari ve etkin devlet: Turkiye Deneyimleri
7. Yeni Internet teknolojileri ve Teknik konular
8. Dunyada ve bizde Internet altyapisi
13. E- ticaret, E-is, M-ticaret ve Yeni Ekonomi
15. E-tarim, Tarimsal Bilisim
18. Internet'in sosyal boyutlari
19. Internet'in yasal boyutlari
20. Internet, demokratiklesme, toplumsal denetim ve siyaset
Other Main Fields
Abstract + KeywordsABSTRACT
Online electronic services, like inquiry possibilities which are made available for citizens and businesses by administration authorities are one proof of changes in the public sector because of modern information and communication technologies. EGovernment includes all governmental measures at all levels for qualitative improvements in citizen's different spheres of life, in businesses and for optimization of business processes within the administration itself. EGovernment can cause an improvement of the relationship between administration, citizens and business.
Possible interaction partners in the area of eGovernment are government, citizens / customers and businesses. In this contribution are shown guidelines for implementing eGovernment incentives. There has been developed an implementation concept addressed to all who are responsible for eGovernment issues within administration including organizational, technical and legal aspects. The guide can be seen as a meta-model for implementing eGovernment which has to be adjusted to specific circumstances. There are shown all general necessary phases within the implementation process. The attention is turned on the consideration of administrational targets, the evaluation of critical criteria for online services and a classification scheme for evaluating online services.


EGovernment, governmental authority, businesses, citizen, implementation, guidelines, process improvement
RemarksBildiri Ingilizce, Almanca veya Türkce sunulabilir.

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