Türkiye'de İnternet Konferansı 2006

TitleWhat Does “e-State” Offer Us under the Perspective of Administrative Law?
Author(s)Author #1
Name: Yucel Ogurlu
Org: Istanbul Commerce University
Country: Turkey
Email: yogurlu___iticu.edu.tr

Other Author(s)
Keywordse-State, e-Government, administrative law, democracy, participation, online public service, online access to information.
AbstractInternet and other Information Technologies brought new approaches to traditional relationship of citizens and administration. These technologies in public sector will transform all the relations of government actions in the near future. I discussed in my paper what people expect from ‘e-state, what it means and what kind of benefits provide for citizens? How will classical attitudes in administrative relations change under the affect of e-state applications?
Topics• E-türkiye, e-devlet, e-dönüşüm, e-avrupa ve bilgi toplumu
The paper I attached is not the final one. Later I will expend it a bit more. Thanks.
Paper 70.doc (40KB)


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