TitleNetteHayat ve Generation V İçin Pazarlama
Author(s)Author #1
Name: Akın Kaldıroğlu
Org: 7Kare Bilişim ve Multimedya Hizmetleri
Country: Turkey
Email: akin.kaldiroglu__at__7kare.com.tr

Other Author(s)
KeywordsWeb 2.0 Generation V Virtual Life
AbstractNetteHayat, www.nettehayat.com is Turkey's first and unique virtual, online life and entertainment platform. NetteHayat as an istance of social web or web 2.0, offers a variety of tools to create an online life experience for the individuals who are web-savvy and realizes themselves in different platforms on the Internet, namely called "Generation V". Our presentation will focus on the features of Generation V and how NetteHayat creates an environment for that generation and for those who target them for commercial purposes.
Topics Sosyal
Web 2.0 ve Sosyal Ağlar
E-iş, M-iş ve Yeni Ekonomi
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