TitleStop Legalized Cyber-Murder
Author(s)Author #1
Name: Eduard Alan Bulut
Org: Youth In Act
Country: Turkey
Email: eduardalan__at__gmail.com

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Keywordscyber-murder, internet, banning and elimination

On the grounds of the fact that the history of startlingly-growing internet throughout the world dates back to late 1990s, the problems with it have recently come into prominence. The previous case with the source centres has drastically changed in parallel to the strides taken in internet world, though there are exceptions. The source of information used to be the libraries, books, schools, educational or training units, but with the invention of internet, everybody with computer literate skills has turned out to be the source of information; thus he disclosure of individual creativities, ideologies, and new trends as well as mutual openings of records, documents, and products has affected the society deeply with its pros and cons. However, the cons and so-called harmful contents have left the authorities no choice but do something to avoid their influence on society, but mostly children.

As far as the recent status is concerned in Turkey with regard to avoid these influences fear factors in another words-, the competent authorities have resorted to ban and eliminate the websites broadcasting or including any data contradicting with their truth and individual mindset. Thus, the mentality of banning or eliminating the fear factors has become prevalent, which has lately reached at a worrisome level in Turkey. The ban of YouTube, followed by the other various websites such as BlogSpot, Netlog, is not a remedy to remove contradicting ideologies or harmful thoughts, because these types of contradictions will always exist and banning is not the absolute resort. Of course, there will be ideologies and individuals who adore or hate the paramount leaders, who want to get through to sites with different sexual preference contents, etc.

Banning or eliminating the websites is a sheer cyber-murder, which resembles to the case with Galileo. As his ideas contradicted with the authorities, he was sentenced to imprisonment punishment for life, which is more or less the same with recent banning and elimination attempts. In a way, the current situation is the contemporary version of medieval experience. Without questioning whether they are true or wrong according to our mind, it should be remembered that there are people with these ideas and preferences. Otherwise, there comes out the infringement of human rights, right to think, right to communicate. It is necessary to take action against the ongoing intervention to sexual preferences, thoughts, and fundamental human rights and against the existing legalized cyber-murder.
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