TitleBelediyelerimiz ve Internet
Author(s)Author #1
Name: Mustafa Coruh
Org: International School of Management, Paris
Country: France
Email: mustafacoruh__at__ttmail.com

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KeywordsBelediyeler, Yerel Yönetimler, Yönetişim, Internet, Kablosuz Internet Servisi, Demokrasi, Bilişim Teknolojisi, Vizyon Belediyeciliği, Kent Vizyonu, Sürdürülebilir Kalkınma, Kent Bilişim Sistemi, e-Belediye
AbstractThe purpose of this paper is to research the effects of Information and especially Internet Technologies over municipal government managements and services. For this reason, the paper first talks about the three main problems of municipals (or local) governments and sustainable development. Then it talks about how to set up a City Vision. The City Vision implementation steps were also analyzed in details. The establishment of City Information Management System (CIMS) was analyzed for using municipal resources effectively and productively. At the same time, the paper talks about the steps of establishing e-Municipal web site for transferring the municipal services to internet that is based on CIMS. It also talks about why hundred of cities all around the World are racing to provide free wireless internet access services for public. On the conclusion, it talks about why the technological and global changes are forcing local governments to change their management structure.
Topics Demokrasi
I am writting a PhD thesis on the subject. The paper I will present is mainly a summary of my thesis. I have written a book on Information Technology, Society and Economy in Turkish. see it on www.mustafacoruh.com

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