XIV. Türkiye'de İnternet Konferansi

TitleAdvanced Security Methods and 2D Barcode Integration in Mobile Banking and Ticketing Applications
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Name: Fatih işbecer
Org: Pozitron Bilgisayar
Country: Turkey
Email: info__at__pozitron.com

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Keywords2nd factor authentication, mobile banking, mobile ticketing, turkish airlines, iş bankası, isbank, java otp, iphone, google android, one time password, mobile signature, VPN, 2d barcode, iata,
AbstractPozitron develops mobile applications for Turkeys largest banks, airlines, and media companies. The mobile banking application developed by the company for ISBANK remains to be one of the most sophisticated mobile banking solutions in the world. Along with its second factor authentication and mobile signature integration, banking on the go has become safer than ever. In our topic in the conference we will be covering the new methods of security on the mobile phone and how it can effect customer adoption. Especially as financial services evolve, mobility and security become the 2 crutial aspects in customer satisfaction.

Other advancement in mobile technologies and smartphone devices also lets complementary technologies to converge, such as the convergence of 2D barcodes and mobile applications. Pozitron will talk about its mobile ticketing and 2d mobile boarding pass project for Turkish Airlines. Evolving around the case study, this topic will mostly cover the future adoption of mobile technologies with the help of increased usability, features and security on the mobile device.
Topics Mobil Ağlar, Teknolojiler ve Uygulamalar
Elektronik ve Mobil İmza
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