XIV. Türkiye'de İnternet Konferansi

TitleSocial Network Analysis as a Research Tool: An overview
Author(s)Author 1
Name: Hamid Darvish
Org: Çankaya University
Country: Turkey
Email: darvish__at__hacettepe.edu.tr

Other Author(s)
KeywordsSosyal Ağlar- Clustering - Social network
Social Network Analysis (SNA) method has become an approach measuring the closeness of the people, businesses or organization, to name a few. SNA has its roots in graph theory. One of the usages of SNA techniques is to track citation scholarly research among scientists. This paper gives an over overview of SNA and its methods. Respectfully, we use bibliometric data from Thomsons Web of Science (WoS) constructing our networks; Then, applying CiteSpace to depict the social structure among scholarly works between authors. CiteSpace is a Java base application which utilizes SNA methods by visualizing the social network structure.
Topics Sosyal Ağlar ve İnternetin Sosyal Boyutları
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