XVI. Türkiye'de İnternet Konferansi

BaşlıkEkonomi Politik Açıdan Bulut Bilişim
Yazar(lar) Yazar 1
Name: Serpil Karlidag
Org: Baskent Universitesi
Country: TR
E-mail: skarli_AT_baskent.edu.tr
Diğer Yazar(lar)serpilkarli_AT_yahoo.com
Anahtar Kelimelercloud computing, ITC, political economy
ÖzetAs cloud computing which is seen equal to industrial revolution in terms of technologic innovations and economic growth is quickly spreading, it causes problems such as privacy, data security, surveillance, copyrights, environmental pollution and high energy consumption. Formed by a handful actors vying to become dominant in the field while applying the standards and business models, the attitude of goverments is significant for how cloud computing will evolve. As cloud computing is against traditional regulations and institutions, it is discussed on the one hand, to display the ?creative destruction? features, on the other hand it is perceived as the ?black cloud?. Thence, the aim of this study is to analyze the cloud computing which is globally spreading and consists of many different actors using the political economy approach including holistic and moral values and to contributeto the discussions.
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