20. Türkiye'de İnternet Konferansi

BaşlıkGüvenli VoIP Hizmetleri için Mevcut ve Yeni Yaklaşımlar
Yazar(lar) Yazar 1
Name: H.Hakan KILINC
Org: Netaş, Siber Güvenlik Birimi, İstanbul
Country: TR
E-mail: hakank_AT_netas.com.tr

Yazar 2
Name: Uğur Cağal
Org: Netaş, Siber Güvenlik Birimi, İstanbul
Country: TR
E-mail: ucagal_AT_netas.com.tr
Anahtar KelimelerVoIP, SIP, Güvenlik Tehditleri, Güvenlik Ürünleri, DoS/DDoS, VoIP IDS ( Intrusion Detection System), VoIP IPS ( Intrusion Prevention System), VoIP Firewall, VoIP Security Scanner.
ÖzetThe current telecom technology uses 4G and preparations are being made for 5G. Technological generation change and the expansion of IPv6 have increased the use of VoIP. In parallel to this increase, many frauds and weaknesses are realized. There is a growing need for security products that have in-depth packet analysis capabilities in application layer in order to find the vulnerabilities of VoIP systems, to detect attacks against these systems and to protect them. However, unlike services such as e-mail and web, VoIP services are time-sensitive. Complex and time-consuming security mechanisms are not suitable for VoIP. In our study, we discuss existing and new security approaches for VoIP security issues.
Başlıklar Siber Güvenlik
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