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AuthorsUzman/Koordinatör Alp Yörük, Işık Üniversitesi
Prof. Dr. Murat Ferman, Işık Üniversitesi
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Contact personalp yörük, , 5326908207
Main Fields5. Egitim teknolojileri ve uygulamalari
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Abstract + KeywordsThe Information revolution has leveraged the importance of individuals with the appropriate kinds of skills who are capable of dynamically building intense and efficient end to end leading edge technological solutions. Such solutions provide significant cost saving, efficient and fast communication opportunities thus these talented employees are appreciated by organizations. With the increasing importance of information technologies, companies of all sizes started to pay significant attention and allocate their resources to potential projects which will help to differentiate themselves in todays highly competitive and global market places. As a result the demand for individuals who can manage information, technology and people has leveraged and thus the responsibility on the shoulders of our times’ modern universities to offer intense and dynamic programs for this rapidly emerging need has increased considerably.

With all the above mentioned aspects in regard, Işık’s newly developed Master of Science in Management Information System positions itself as a compact and yet highly efficient program which places the top priority in introducing the latest hardware&software technologies to talented individuals who will use the skills gained to provide low cost and leading edge solutions. The program is built around the main notion of supplying brief information about the technologies available in the market for these individuals to understand their potential usage and to deploy future solutions by combining these tools. The MS in MIS program not aims to delve in depth to every technology taught but rather supply an overall idea about different offerings and thus the graduates will be able to clearly distinguish the required tools for a specific project and deploy complex solutions for their organizations in a timely manner.

This paper focuses in examining the specific needs of the market and drive factors that pushed us to develop a new Master of Science in Management Information System curriculum in Işık University. Further presented is, the in depth examination of the courses offered to participants for to better pinpoint the specific lecture sequence that has been deployed.


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