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50 - TitleManaging E-Business Operations in the Digital Age
AuthorsDr. Ergun Gide, Central Queensland University, Sydney International Campus
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Contact personErgun Gide, , 61-2-8295 5975
Main Fields2. E-ticaret, E-is, yeni-ekonomi
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Dr. Ergun Gide
Central Queensland University, Sydney International Campus
Faculty of Informatics and Communication


Global competition and technological advancement are shaping the future of e-business applications. Global competition is also forcing enterprises to adopt new strategies for e-business operations and management. It is now a reality that e-business offers companies and customers the opportunity to access and exchange value-added business information all over the world with the minimum cost and time. So in the near future, it is very likely that the Internet-based e-business will become essential for companies' survival. Therefore, managing e-business adaptation/implementation processes and operations are getting more and more attention and their successes heavily depend on smart e-business strategies.

This paper focuses on the importance of using different smart strategies for the success of managing e-business implementation and operations. A framework for smart e-business implementation and operations is presented. This paper also discusses how organizations strategically position their products and services in digital marketplaces and how they facilitate the interactions with their customers, suppliers and partners in order to be successful in their e-business operations and management.

Key words: e-business, smart strategies, customer relationships management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), operations and management.

RemarksE-Business konusunda uzman bir akademisyen oldugumu soyleyebilirim. Eger Program Komitesi uyeligine alinir ve herhangi bir sekilde sizlere yardimci olabilirsem sevinirim (ornegin, e-business ve ilgili alanlarda gonderilen bildirilerin hakemligi gibi). Tesekkurler ve basarilar.


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