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22 - TitleAssistive Technologies in Special Education: Developing A Technology-Based Curriculum Framework for A Diverse Culture
AuthorsMine Başal, Anadolu Üniveristesi Eğitim Fakültesi
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Contact personMine Başal,, 222-3350580/Ext.3545
Main Fields
Other Main FieldsAssistive Technologies
Abstract + KeywordsThe main purpose of this paper is to provide real-life examples for the assistive technology, which are used to enhance preservice teacher-faculty partnerships in special education. Therefore, a framework developed by the researcher will show the needs, expectations and strengths of preservice teachers as they interact with special education professionals regarding the academic and social progress of the children with special needs in the learning milieus. In this study, technologies in the College of Education and how they fit into developed framework will be discussed as well. The availability of technology to preservice teachers and faculties in the College of Education is crucial to make decision about what technologies provide collaborative educational settings for the preservice teachers and faculties.

This is an ongoing action research. The researcher has been working with the preservice teachers and the faculty in the College of Education for the last decade. The College of Education of the one the biggest Middle Anatolian University attempts to develop motivated and committed preservice teachers and faculties in the Special Education Program. In keeping with its continuous progress goals, the preservice teachers and faculties in the Special Education Program at the College of Education instigate an effort to use and integrate the role of technology. As preservice teachers and faculty in the Special Education Program, by expanding our focus, we, together, have to rethink and redesign our Special Education Program to support National standards, and to enhance assistive technology for the people with special needs.

Key Words:Technology and People with Special Needs, Diverse Culture and Technology,Assistive Technologies, Intregrating Technology into Special Education Curriculum

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