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26 - TitleELIAC (Easy LDAP Interface for Authentication and Confidentiality) - A Custom Protocol Design for Secure Ldap Access
AuthorsKoray Atsan, TUBITAK UEKAE
F. Erdogan Sevilgen, Gebze Yuksek teknoloji Enst.
PC MemberNo
Contact personKoray Atsan,, 2626481422
Main Fields7. Guvenlik, Bilgi Guvenligi
Other Main Fields
Abstract + KeywordsDirectory Systems especially LDAP Directories, are widely used on Internet and heavy user networks for sharing data. As much as unclassified information is stored in directories, classified information may be stored as well. For this reason, while gaining access to directories over networks, it is unavoidable to deploy cryptographic mechanisms in order to support strong authentication and confidentiality services. Hence, some standart protocols aimed at providing these services are SASL, TLS, Kerberos and IPSEC.

In this study we aim at designing an application layer protocol (ELIAC) which provides strong authentication, confidentiality, integrity and non repudiation services and thereby providing a more efficient protocol in particular ways

ELIAC is intended to be kept as simple as possible taken into consideration the ease of implementation, application and use factors.

For the sake of clarifying the differences betwen ELIAC and above listed protocols and their properties, a cross comparison is provided.

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