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40 - TitleDesign and Development of the Web for People with Disabilities
AuthorsMine Başal, Anadolu Üniversitesi Eğitim Fakültesi
PC MemberNo
Contact personMine Başal,, 222-3350580/Ext.3545
Main Fields
Other Main Fieldsassistive technologies
Abstract + KeywordsAs the importance of the Internet increases, diverse audiences use a variety of technologies to access the Web, ranging from traditional browsers on desktop computers to portable, hand-held devices, cell phones and hands-free devices now. The need to accommodate these technologies through more collective Web design strategies grows with every new technology.

Today, Web developers ignore the emerging trend towards the multiple-environments of Internet access is left to lament their inability to reach essential parts of the population. The disability society is one vital parts of the population that they benefit from the increased emphasis on worldwide design and development. Unfortunately, not enough attention is currently given to the principles of worldwide Web design and development to provide individuals with the disabilities with the same standard of access to the Internet as the rest of population. Many Web sites are partially or completely inaccessible to individuals with disabilities, even though most accessibility fixes are quite easy to implement.

The problem of Web inaccessibility is currently most distressing to the disability society. However, it is not long before those without disabilities begin to complain that their favorite Web site is inaccessible from other alternative devices. Web developers must be familiar with the importance of implementing worldwide design and development principles of the. They must also be aware of that there is an immediate need for worldwide design and development. Without it, people with disabilities are excluded from full participation in the information age that many of us take for granted.

In this study, there two main focuses: defining clearly assistive technology in the information era and providing some basic design and development strategies and principles to Web developers.

Key Words: assistive technologies, people with disabilities and technology, designing web and assistive technologies

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