ISOC Başkan Yardımcısı Vint Cerf'in mesajı

Dear Mr. Ozgit,

I thank you for your kind invitation to attend and to participate in the Inet-TR97 conference this November. As you now know, I am unable to break other commitments to come to the meeting, but I want to congratulate you and your colleagues on organizing this very important event. Nothing could be more important or timely than to examine ways in which Internet can be supported and applied in your country and others in the region.

As Mr. John Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank, has observed, telecommunications lies at the heart of economic development. Internet is plainly in everyone's future and understanding how it fits into the global telecommunications picture is crucial for every national economy.

It is especially important that interested individuals who share common regional interests in Internet meet and discuss what can be done to strengthen the growth of Internet services in the region. In many cases, multinational backbones may serve to reduce costs and increase inter-exchange capability among the nearby economies, while firmly binding all of them to the increasingly global economy in which the Internet now rests.

Perhaps even more important, this conference offers an opportunity for people with ideas to test them with others of similar persuasion. From such interactions have come many of the innovations we now enjoy regularly on the Internet. I hope it will be your experience that this conference ignites some important new ideas for products, services and Internet features which the rest of the Internet community will have occasion to benefit from.

Finally, I hope that your attendees will give some thought to the formation of Internet Society chapters in their home locations so as to continue the discussions locally and to help educate others about the importance and value of Internet. I would invite anyone with an interest in starting a chapter to consult the ISOC web pages, and to let me know at of their interest.

Best wishes to each of you attending. I hope this conference and others in the future, will prove to be highly productive and personally satisfying.

Warmest regards,

Vint Cerf
ISOC Trustee and VP for Chapter

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